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Declaration of accessibility

The Trade Licensing Register website was launched with regard to the clarity, applicability and accessibility of its functionality and text content and it respects accessibility requirements from the time of its origin. The form of published information complies with Decree no. 64/2008 Coll., on the form of published information related to execution of public administration by means of websites for medically disabled individuals (Decree on Accessibility) and fulfils all the rules published in the appendix to this Decree. This website is created on the basis of the Methodical instruction issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

The font size is defined in relative units and all texts can easily be enlarged or reduced using standard internet browser tools.

The layout structure and content is created using structural HTML 4.01 Strict. The visual presentation is created using cascading style sheets (CSS).

In spite of all our efforts and intentions it is possible that technical errors may occur on our website, these can be reported to the e-mail address

If you believe that incorrect information about business subjectsis recorded in the register, please contact the Municipal Trade Licensing Office given at the end of the excerpt as the office with jurisdiction according to Section 71, paragraph 2 of the Trade Licensing Act.

Thank you.

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